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Why choose us ?

The tours are led exclusively by students who live and
study in Rīga, which means we have a whole lot of insider tips
that will give you a real feel for the city.


We have designed our tours to be memorable and
culturally-appealing, to give you an authentic experience.

We introduce you to the key aspects of Rīga including
its history, culture, architecture, culinary delights, activities,
and how it is like to live here.


We have rigorously researched the information we provide
you with and have even consulted with historians from
Latvia’s University (LU) to verify our stories and share some
compelling anecdotes with you only. Of course, this includes
our personal fun facts and insider tips!


We will do our best to answer your questions
as elaborately as possible.


Our tours are limited to a maximum of 8 people at a time
(although, we make exceptions for special requests and private tours)!



Because we highly value the personal contact to you,
our clients, and the experience you take away from this.
We love to travel ourselves and thereby know
how frustrating it is to be part of an
overpriced, overcrowded tour.


In a sense, you can see us more as a friend
showing you around town.


This personal approach allows us to convey
all there is to know about Rīga to you,
while giving you the chance to do so stress-free.


Additionally, you will receive a list of tips & tricks from us,
outlining our top recommendations,
to make
your Rīga trip full of unique experiences.


So far, our clients and fellow adventurers have been thrilled
by our tours. We aim to exceed these expectations with every tour to come.
Many of our German travelers have left a number of comments on
our website - we hope to hear your thoughts about our tours,
and your journeys, once you get a chance to, as well.


Don’t rely on tedious “mass tours” any longer,

take the chance to experience something exciting with us!


Your Rīga Tour Team


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check out our tour offers here, to see what works best for you.

First impressions of Riga

An incredible montage of Riga's old town. Credits go to the producer "bird's eye" on YouTube.

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