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** Please note, we DO NOT offer TOURS on weekdays from July 11 until August 25, as we students are away ourselves for work. 

On weekends we offer limited opportunities for tours. Please get in touch with us here to arrange something.

Tours during the week may depend on our schedule, but if you let us know of your possible dates and times, we will provide you with all the available options.

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Our tour covers approx. 4km in distance, requiring around 2.5 - 3 hours.

On our tour you will visit 

- The main Art Noveau ("Jugendstil") area of Rīga,

                                           - Most of the Rīga old town ("Vecrīga"), and

                                           - The central market ("Centrāltirgus"). 


We will also share as much as we can about the Latvian culture and life in Rīga.

At the end, you will receive our recommendations for local restaurants, bars and activities around Rīga.


The price is €20 per person.

You can pay in cash after the tour or via PayPal.

Fill out the formula below and we will send you a confirmation mail with all details.

You can also directly contact us here.


You can cancel your booking at any time and you do not need to pay in advance.

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